Michelle Y.

French Chic for American Wedding.

pictures by Steven Wu

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" It’s an incredible experience to be able to be a part of the evolution of a wedding dress, especially one designed by Laurent Kapelski. In each meeting, we would push the design forward, changing fabrics, construction and details. After each meeting, there would be piles of tulle, feathers, silk and organza all over his atelier. It was truly an artistic process, starting from the seedlings of an idea I had–that I wanted the dress to be architectural–and becoming the dress that completely represented me. My one criteria was that I wanted a dress that I couldn’t have imagined myself and Laurent took my ideas and created a work of art. The best part of the dress was that it converted into a fun, short version that I wore for the dancing part of the reception and I’ll definitely wear it again. My only wish now is for Laurent to design me more dresses ! "
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The transformable super chic and couture dress in a short rock dress was so exciting to realise. This project enjoyed me as the so nice personnality of Michel.
Laurent K.

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